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Customer Portal

This page describes the Customer Portal, through which you view your Immuta SaaS instances. Log in to your Customer Portal by navigating to and entering your Immuta Account credentials.

Customer Portal Dashboard

Your Customer Portal Dashboard provides an overview of your SaaS instances and links to resources, including Immuta Documentation, Immuta support, and Immuta Accounts.

Customer Portal

Each section below describes this dashboard in more detail.

SaaS Instances Table

This table contains details about your SaaS instance, including the cloud provider, region, instance name, and date of creation.

From this section you can

  • filter tables displayed by instance name,
  • toggle between viewing all instances or active instances, and
  • select which columns to hide or display.

Select a tab below for details about each of these actions.

Filter by Instance Name

Begin typing in the Filter by Instance Name field in the top left corner of the table.


View All or Active Instances

  • To view all active and inactive instances, click the toggle in the top center of the page to All.


  • To view only active instances, click the toggle to Active.

Hide or Display Columns

  1. Click the gear icon in the top right corner of the table:

    Gear Icon

  2. In the modal that appears, adjust the columns displayed by selecting or deselecting the checkbox next to a column.

    Show/Hide Columns Modal

  3. Click Close.


Resources provided in the top right corner of the dashboard include Product Documentation and contact support links.


Immuta Orders

The Immuta Orders panel of your dashboard includes details about your Immuta SaaS orders, including number of seats available, expiration, date of creation, and the status (enabled, expired, or active).

Immuta Orders

IP Filtering

Users have the option to restrict the IP addresses that can access an instance by using IP address filtering. For more details on this option and how to enable it, see the IP filtering tutorial.

Immuta Accounts

Immuta Accounts allows you to update your profile information, add new users (if you have the Organization Admin permission), and manage API Tokens.

To access your Immuta Account profile, click your user profile icon in the top right corner and select Account Profile.

Account Profile

See the Immuta Accounts section for tutorials about the console.