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Audience: System Administrators

Content Summary: This page describes the Scala cluster policy.

Scala Clusters

This configuration is for Scala-only clusters.

Where Scala language support is needed, this configuration can be used in the Custom access mode.

According to Databricks’ cluster type support documentation, Scala clusters are intended for single users only. However, nothing inherently prevents a Scala cluster from being configured for multiple users. Even with the Immuta SecurityManager enabled, there are limitations to user isolation within a Scala job.

For a secure configuration, it is recommended that clusters intended for Scala workloads are limited to Scala jobs only and are made homogeneous through the use of project equalization or externally via convention/cluster ACLs. (In homogeneous clusters, all users are at the same level of groups/authorizations; this is enforced externally, rather than directly by Immuta.)

For full details on Databricks’ best practices in configuring clusters, please read their governance documentation.