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Select Your Use Case

Immuta's Secure module allows you to secure your data through various access control policies you configure. These policies can mitigate the compliance and security findings from Immuta Discover and Detect, so it is recommended that you follow the Immuta Detect getting started guide before diving into Immuta Secure.


Use cases

Immuta Secure allows you to build complex access control policies in a simple, scalable manner. However, there are many different ways customers think about access control, so Secure is extremely flexible. Because of this, Immuta has broken up Secure into common use cases that customers follow to speed up their onboarding process. Choose the use case below that best fits your goals. If none of them fit, contact your customer support representative for a more personalized onboarding experience:

  • Automate data access control decisions: This is the most common use case. It walks you through how to build table access control policies in a scalable manner and clarifies how to think about table access and adjust existing paradigms.
  • Compliantly open more sensitive data for ML and analytics: This is an approach where every user has access to every table, yet you mask the sensitive columns appropriately using data policies. You can apply some of the concepts from the automate data access control decisions use case to how you think about masking policy rules.
  • Federated governance for data mesh and self-serve data access: Data mesh is a concept where you delegate operational control of data products to data producers across your organization. This requires delegation of policy management as well, which is the goal of this use case. This use case also covers a generic data shopping experience where users can discover and subscribe to data.

The use cases are a starting point for your Secure journey - you don’t necessarily need to follow them exactly, but they should give you the conceptual framework for thinking through your own use cases, so it is encouraged to read them all.