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Use Case: Federated Governance for Data Mesh and Self-Serve Data Access

Who is this for?

This guide is intended for users who wish to delegate control of data products within a data mesh without breaking their organization's security and compliance standards.


It's best to start with the Monitor and secure sensitive data platform query activity use case prior to this use case because it takes you through the basic configuration of Immuta.


This guide is designed for those interested in understanding how Immuta can effectively assist organizations in adopting core data mesh principles. By leveraging this document, readers will be empowered to implement the essential procedures for integrating Immuta within their organization's data mesh framework. It is recommended to read the ebook Data Security for Data Mesh Architectures before starting with this use case.

Even if you are not interested in data mesh, this use case will explain how you can create a self-serve "data shopping experience" in Immuta.

Configuration steps

Follow these steps to learn more about and start using Immuta Detect and Secure to apply federated governance for data mesh and self-serve data access:

  1. Complete the Monitor and secure sensitive data platform query activity use case.
  2. Opt to review the Automate data access control decisions and Compliantly open more sensitive data for ML and analytics use cases.
  3. Define domains. This step is critical in order to delegate policy controls over certain segments of your data.
  4. Manage data products to allow your data product creators to compliantly release data products for consumption.
  5. Manage data metadata. This is the final setup step you must complete before authoring policy. Tag your columns with tags that are meaningful to ensure federated governance.
  6. Work with your data product creators and global compliance users to Apply federated governance. Enforce global standards across all data products while empowering data product owners to expand on those policies.
  7. Allow your data consumers to self-serve access data through the Immuta data portal by Discovering and subscribing to data products.