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Snowflake Data Sharing Overview

Immuta is compatible with Snowflake Secure Data Sharing. Using both Immuta and Snowflake, organizations can share the policy-protected data of their Snowflake database with other Snowflake accounts with Immuta policies enforced in real time. This integration gives data consumers a live connection to the data and relieves data providers of the legal and technical burden of creating static data copies that leave their Snowflake environment.



This method requires that the data consumer account is registered as an Immuta user with the Snowflake user name equal to the consuming account.

At that point, the user that represents the account being shared with can have the appropriate attributes and groups assigned to them, relevant to the data policies that need to be enforced. Once that user has access to the share in the consuming account (not managed by Immuta), they can query the share with the data policies from the producer account enforced because Immuta is treating that account as if they are a single user in Immuta.

For a tutorial on this workflow, see the Using Snowflake Data Sharing page.


Using Immuta with Snowflake Data Sharing allows the sharer to

  • Only need limited knowledge of the context or goals of the existing policies in place: Because the sharer is not editing or creating policies to share their data, they only need a limited knowledge of how the policies work. Their main responsibility is making sure they properly represent the attributes of the data consumer (the account being shared to).
  • Leave policies untouched.