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Run and Manage Sensitive Data Discovery on Data Sources


Manually run SDD on a data source

SDD runs automatically, but if you want to re-run SDD when a new global framework is set or when new rules have been added, you can manually run it for all data sources using the API or for specific data sources through the UI:

  1. Navigate to the data source overview page.
  2. Click the health status.
  3. Select Re-run next to Sensitive Data Discovery (SDD).

Verify discovered tags

Best practice: Verify discovered tags

If sensitive data discovery has been enabled, then manually adding tags to columns in the data dictionary will be unnecessary in most cases. The data owner will just need to verify that the Discovered tags are correct.

Disable Discovered tags from the data dictionary

If a governor, data owner, or data source expert disables a Discovered tag from the data dictionary, the column will not be re-tagged when that data source's fingerprint is recalculated or SDD is re-run. When a Discovered tag is disabled, the tag will not completely disappear, so it can be manually enabled through the tag side sheet.

To disable a discovered tag,

  1. Navigate to a data source and click the Data Dictionary tab.
  2. Scroll to the column you want to remove the tag from and click the tag you want to remove.
  3. Click Disable in the side sheet and then click Confirm.