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Discover and Subscribe to Data Products

Data sources can be made visible (discoverable) to users in the Immuta UI. This allows users to read the metadata associated with data sources (e.g., tags, descriptions, data dictionary, and contacts) and permits users to request access to the data itself.

This allows customers to use Immuta as a data catalog and marketplace. In case an organization uses an external marketplace, Immuta easily integrates with it via the API to bring in metadata or manage access controls for users that requested access via external marketplace.

While we have been talking about data mesh, using Immuta as a marketplace for a data shopping experience is not limited to data mesh use cases - it can be used this way for any use case.

User authentication

Immuta integrates with your identity manager in order to enforce controls in your data platform(s) - you likely configured this when completing the Monitor and secure sensitive data platform query activity use case. This setup has another point, though: it also allows all your users to authenticate into Immuta with their normal credential to leverage it for this "shopping" experience.

Any action taken in Immuta will automatically be reflected in the data platform via Immuta's integration.