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Azure Private Link for Starburst (Trino)

Private preview

This feature is only available to select accounts.

Getting started

Azure Private Link provides private connectivity from the Immuta SaaS platform, hosted on AWS, to customer-managed Starburst (Trino) clusters on Azure. It ensures that all traffic to the configured endpoints only traverses private networks over the Immuta Private Cloud Exchange.

Support for Azure Private Link is available in all Azure regions.

Data Flow


  • You have an Immuta SaaS tenant.
  • Your Starburst (Trino) cluster is hosted on Azure.
  • You have set up an Azure Private Link Service for your Starburst cluster.
    • The Private Link Service's Access Security should be set to Restricted by Subscription.
  1. Open a support ticket with Immuta Support with the following information:
    • Azure Region
    • Azure Private Link Service Resource ID or Alias
    • DNS Hostname
  2. Your Immuta representative will provide you with the Immuta Subscription ID that needs to be authorized to consume the service.
  3. Once the Immuta Azure Subscription is authorized, please inform your representative so that Immuta can complete Private Link Endpoint configuration.
  4. Your representative will inform you when the two Azure Private Link connections have been made available. Accept them in the Private Link Center of your Azure Portal.
  5. Configure the Starburst (Trino) integration.
  6. Register your tables as Immuta data sources.